March 22, 2008

For Life!

is that Macaulay Culkin?

and the best one ever
-Double Neck Guitar
-Sun Glasses and Surf Board
-Pot leaf
-And all on a giant cross with "Happy Birthday Rick" over it.

March 21, 2008

Whiskey bottles piling high


I found out i didn't fracture my foot or tear any ligaments. Don't need no more crutches. I'll be back on a board in no time!

March 19, 2008


Saw WITCH last night at Johnny Brenda's and they fucking rocked! I missed them the last two times they came around anywhere near here, but they finally played Philly and there was no way i was gonna miss it

The band that opened up for them, GRAVEYARD, sounded pretty good. We caught a little bit of their last song and they were finishing up as we got there

Would've liked to seen thier full set... and should've bought their CD instead of a shirt

Fuck! it makes me regret cutting my hair off

March 17, 2008

Metal Up Your Ass

Cliff Burton
The Major Rager on the four-string motherfucker!
If i could make an all-star band of dead musicians, i'd have him on bass

I wonder what Metallica would be like today if he was still alive. After he died, they starting going down hill. ...And Justice For All was good but after that, it's all shit.

A small gig for a few friends

March 11, 2008

High Voltage

Brian Johnson isn't bad,

but Bon Scott was a huge part of AC/DC in my eyes

March 8, 2008

Thirsty and Miserable

Jason Adams shreds!

Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins

I Love this place! Can't wait to get a burger

March 5, 2008

March 4, 2008

Is nothing sacred?

I just found out that Michael Bay wants to re-make "Rosemary's Baby". Not only that, but they also want to re-make Nightmare on Elm St., The Birds and Friday the 13th! FUCK THAT SHIT! These movies shouldn't be touched! They were all classics and they should just let them be. There was a pretty good article here about it. It's funny because it's true what he says about the casting for it and everything.

I hate re-makes of movies just as much as i hate when i buy a cd, put it in my cd player and find out it's a fucking LIVE cd. I like live recordings, but only when i know i'm buying one. when that shit doesn't say "LIVE" anywhere on it and the whole things turns out to be live, i'm pissed.


Suicidal Tendencies is gonna be the "hot", "new" shit for companies this season

REAL is doing whole a thing with it, which i really don't mind because Real is cool...

but Sheckler has a board out that made me want to puke when i saw it. Fuck that dude! Douchebag doesn't deserve to have anything like that on his board. his graphic should be a crying vagina.


`eS Footwear is doing a shirt with this guy on it. It's bullshit. If any Sole Tech company was gonna do it, let Emerica do it, not eS.

Is nothing sacred?

Oh well, what can you do?

Counting down the hours till I get a delicious home cooked meal! I can't wait!