May 28, 2008

Best 2 websites ever


May 19, 2008

I Think We're Dead

i just remembered about this

May 12, 2008


This one time, me and Justin won the "Compond Quarters Championship"
2006 Champs - The Brew Ha-has

Chach's face is great in this one

Christmas was a good one that year

May 9, 2008

Um Yeah

This is how i pretty much feel right now...


Fuck a skateboard, i wanna bomb a SF hill on this thing

Saw this on the Focus site and all i can think is, WHAT THE FUCK!?! Why would you ever do that??

This has been playing a lot at the shop

May 4, 2008

I call these guys my friends

Steve is into some weird shit

He even gave birth to me one night while doing a keg stand

I thought that was really nice of him, so i decided i'd pay him back and give birth to him while standing on an iron horse. He seems happy

I don't know if anybody I know ever watches Larry King, but one night i was just flipping through the channels and this caught my eye. I had no idea about any of this.

I don't know what Chachi does on his own time, but we caught him one night