December 19, 2010

Whitehall Moment

Stolen from Ki's youtube videos

December 4, 2010

"Master Of Reality" Outtakes

"Spanish Sid" is an early version of "Into The Void"

"Weevil Woman '71", Un-realeased song from 1971

There's a bunch more, but couldn't find them:

Disc two (Bonus tracks)

1. "Weevil Woman '71"
2. "Sweet Leaf [Studio Outtake - Alternate Lyrics]"
3. "After Forever [Studio Outtake - Instrumental]"
4. "Children of the Grave [Studio Outtake - Alternate Lyrics]"
5. "Children of the Grave [Studio Outtake - Instrumental]"
6. "Orchid [Studio Outtake]"
7. "Lord of this World [Studio Outtake]"
8. "Solitude [Studio Outtake - Alternate Version]"
9. "Into the Void 'Spanish Sid' [Studio Outtake - Alternate Version]"