February 29, 2008


Ian and David

Chach snapped a photo of me...

then i got pissed and said if he ever did it again, i'd cut'em

That's Blue Dog, he'd try and hump Chach everynight when Chach tried to go to sleep. Holy shit it had me in tears because i was laughing so hard. I wish i had a photo or something of it. so i think that's what i'm doing in the background, crying

Ghetto ass sign

Then saw this randomly on someone's car

These guys are awesome!

Black Box

That's where the wildfires were

The titties from Naked Gun

Skate stoppers? It looks like my left hand is holding onto the tree

Eyeing it up

At this point i was so hungry, my stomach was eating itself and all i wanted to do was get some food

Circle of Death begins

These guys love their Coors Light

I partook

Somebody needs to make up a caption for this picture

Yeah Muggs

Da Beach

In-N-Out, that's a tasy burger!

Chach's camera died a bunch of times, so there was one whole day where we didn't get any pictures. Espcially when we went to Hollywood.

This is one of the only pictures from that night. I killed this thing, didn't get tossed off.

February 28, 2008

Killing Yourself to Live

God damn, Donny Barley shreds!

I think this part gets overlooked because it was pretty much an Element "tour" video, but his part is so fucking good!

then you got the classic "Welcome To Hell" part

February 27, 2008


i go through phases with Nirvana, but some of the shit they do i think is pretty rad. like the Top of the Pops video, it's genius

Nirvana "Live" at the "Top of the Pops". this is fucking amazing!

while we're on Nirvana, this is pretty amazing also... right after about 2 mins, Kurt just seems to lose it. it goes on for a while too, just watch

February 26, 2008

Lost Johnny

I can't imagine how many stories Lemmy has. I'd love to sit down, drink some whiskey and hear them all.

February 25, 2008

This is, a tasty burger

Mutter Museum was great! A bunch of shit i didn't expect to see... dead babies in jars, rat brains, 7'6'' skeletons and lots of other crazy shit. Very different than anything i've ever been to before. I wonder if anyboday has ever thrown up in there? Thanks mama for the delicious dinner and the good time!

Zed's dead

February 23, 2008

What Goes On

Today is Chachi's birthday, so if you see him, give him a high five or something. Happy Birthday buddy.

This is a repeat from last year, but it still makes me laugh, so i'm gonna put it up again

This sounds interesting...
Real Cobra Snake and Scorpion Whiskey

I need to get on this

February 21, 2008

What a relief!

Last night was the first night in a while where i think i actually got more than 5 hours of sleep. Just found out though, we still got no heat or hot water at out house... damn. shit always happens on the coldest nights, it never fails.

Over at Black Box they got 10 Tricks with Pete Eldridge up. i'm pretty sure everyone's seen it by now, but i'm hyped Pete's out there getting it done.

Danny Way's up to something new

Cardiel, so hot right now!
but you can't front on this shit. that's how you crailslide! Best in the biz.

Also, Part 7 of Cardiel is up over at Epicly Later'd

Gerwer and Ramondetta's parts in Six Newell

February 19, 2008

February 18, 2008


Justin, Titty Chalks, Grandpa and some turd

Ian vs. The Box. this is what you don't want to happen on a backside noseginder

grass rides

Justin, after he lost the hair bet

going to the Mutter Museum on sunday with Sara. i've never been there either, should be interesting.

Motorhead on the Letterman Show

February 17, 2008


went to the Art Museum a little bit ago for the first time ever. i went into it not really knowing what to think because i don't know shit about art, but when i got there and saw a painting called "The Massacre of the Innocents", it changed my outlook for the rest of the day. i think it was an exhibit of old paintings from Spain and a lot of them were about death and stuff i didn't expect to see... so it was pretty rad. stuff like "abstract" and "manneristic" i don't understand, just show me the death. the other exhibits that were cool, were the old guns/hand cannons swords one and medieval times exhibit. i now want a suit of armor, a sword and a bunch of hand cannons.

this isn't the "Massacre of the Innocents" i saw but it was pretty much the same thing. the one i saw was actually more graphic, but you get the idea.

a flintlock rifle with a battle axe