February 26, 2009


Doctor said the verdict on the knee is a torn lateral meniscus. Off the board till the end of March. He told me if it doesn't get better by the end of March, I have to get an MRI and probably surgery... or, after March when I start skating again and I find it getting worse, I have to get an MRI and surgery. Shit fucking blows! It's just starting to get nice outside.

At least he said my ACL is doing fantastic which is good to hear. Thanks to the dead person who's cadaver I got, it's a good one... knock on wood. Just don't start haunting me, telling me you want that shit back.

It's all a waiting game from here.

Last Rites

Pentagram is doing two live shows over here on the east coast, one in NY on March 6th and one in Baltimore on March 7th

Bobby had the following to say about the shows:

“To all my fans and friends out there: I get a lot higher on music than getting high got me. Show up and wait and see. I promise you I will show ‘em how. Thanks for your continued support. Hope all the rivetheads had a good holiday and I WILL see you soon.

“Alive and well,
Bobby Liebling”

That dude is getting old, but i still need to go to one of these shows! He could be up there in a wheelchair for all I care.

February 24, 2009

February 23, 2009

My knees

My turn

Waiting at the doctors to see what's up with my knee. I felt bad for
Bill, so i decided I'd get hurt too and keep him company on th DL list.

February 22, 2009

Hustled Justin and Bill for their ones. It's a tough economy, you
gotta come up some how.

February 20, 2009

Tom Asta

Tommy's got a sequence in the new Thrasher and Chris has got some shit in there too, check it out

February 19, 2009


On the way up to the slippery ass park because it's windy as a bitch out

February 12, 2009

In the ER with Bill

Got worked at FDR and just received the news from the doctor that he broke his shoulder. 6 weeks out of the game... Bummer. Sorry Bill

February 5, 2009

R.I.P. Lux Interior

Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps, died yesterday at the age of 62 from a heat failure.

Sucks because i never got a chance to see them live. Truly an interesting band and i'm sure you can say that they were one the pioneers of Psychobilly. Sucks for his wife, Poison Ivy, who's been in the band with him since the beginning.

The Cramps covering The Count Five