December 28, 2009


We all know Muska had a part in "Welcome To Hell" before he punched Ed Templeton at the premiere and they recalled the videos to take his part out...

BUT did you know Barley had a different edit in the OG/premiere version of the video? For some reason didn't like the edit and wanted to switch it up. He skated to Zeppelin and I believe he originally had first part. The part never saw the light of day except for the few who had the original video (i.e. Jamie Thomas).

Well Donny Barley put the part up on his website, donny as a hidden gem. Here's how to find it...

- go to donny

- click on the "media" section in the top right corner

- then click on the "B" of his Boston hat and enjoy!

It's pretty simple

I'd love to see the video how it was in the premiere, before all the changes... maybe one day they might release it like that... hopefully. Don't feel like typing anymore, wanna go skate now. Fuck off

Here's the edit we all know from the video. Still a fucking great part and Barley will always be one of my favorite skaters! Gotta go skate now!

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jt said...

lose your mind pompy...