July 5, 2010

Lee Bender

Taken from SkateDaily.net

Imagine if you woke up one morning and literally couldn’t move. Well, this nightmare is actually what happened to skateboarder Lee Bender a few years ago. Soon afterward at the hospital, he was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), a debilitating neurological disease that has taken away much of his equilibrium and as a result, his skateboarding ability. Lee’s treatment is expensive and is one that could very well last the rest of his life.

Not one to give up by any means, Lee has learned of an experimental, treatment called the Liberation procedure (or CCSVI) in Europe that has garnered an 80% success rate. However the chance to try out this treatment will cost him close to $12,000. And of course, since this alternative treatment is not recognized by US doctors, there are no medical insurances stepping right in to assist in covering the cost. With the kind help of Cowtown skates, Real skateboards, and many of his friends and family, a collective effort is underway to raise money to get Lee to Europe in the near future.

Please visit Lee’s “One Sick Race” blog, read down the right hand column, and donate a minimum of at least $5 towards this effort. Then share the info of this post via your websites, blogs, zines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let’s stick together as skateboarders and do what is right for Lee so he can have a substantial shot towards a normal life once again.


LOWCARD Lee Bender shirt. All proceeds go to support Lee.

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