December 4, 2010

"Master Of Reality" Outtakes

"Spanish Sid" is an early version of "Into The Void"

"Weevil Woman '71", Un-realeased song from 1971

There's a bunch more, but couldn't find them:

Disc two (Bonus tracks)

1. "Weevil Woman '71"
2. "Sweet Leaf [Studio Outtake - Alternate Lyrics]"
3. "After Forever [Studio Outtake - Instrumental]"
4. "Children of the Grave [Studio Outtake - Alternate Lyrics]"
5. "Children of the Grave [Studio Outtake - Instrumental]"
6. "Orchid [Studio Outtake]"
7. "Lord of this World [Studio Outtake]"
8. "Solitude [Studio Outtake - Alternate Version]"
9. "Into the Void 'Spanish Sid' [Studio Outtake - Alternate Version]"

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