January 7, 2009

Compound New Year

some photos i stole off of Jason Turner's flickr

Dixie Chicks


Lovely blue-eyed lady

Jeb's not quite sure if he can handle 2009 and he looks a little stressed

Looking for service

Fucking Dick

B Mack double fisting as soon as the clock strikes midnight

Minutes into the new year and Bill is already down for it

Chief was looking for some beer

Lizzy saw B Mack with the double fist and wanted to get in on it

Adam with the Compound fire work display

"Dong Bong" with some whiskey. Apparently i wanted to set the standard for 2009 and polished off the bottle in this thing. I don't know, at this point in the night, everything was a blur

But I guess it makes you want to do some air guitar

I didn't post all the photos, that's Turner's job on the Compound blog... if he ever gets around to doing it. We're still waiting for Christmas pictures

1 comment:

sara said...

even though i look like an elf of some sort in that picture, you're posts are getting less weak<3