March 13, 2009

DL Coalition

The DL list seems like it's gaining some members. We're gonna try and plan a "take over" by doing absolutely nothing. It's not hard to be a part of the coalition, all you really have to do is have an injury and then do some of the following:

-drink beers
-play some pool
-check every skate website you can think of, everyday, 5 times a day
-go to work (those that are able to) and then think about what you could be doing on a skateboard
-play Wii bowling and think you are really that good in real life
-watch the same reality shows on VH1 over and over again
-do a half ass job of trying to clean up your apartment
-think about productive things you could possibly be doing to pass the time... but don't do them
-think about skating 98% of the day
-pretty much anything that DOESN'T involve actually skating

The DL Coalition consist of:
-Jesse aka J.Clay
-Lemmy, my dog. He did something to his paw running after a ball in the park last night

It's Friday the 13th and Chris is actually having surgery today for his hernia. Good luck buddy! Hope you heal up fast for your birthday party tomorrow.

1 comment:

jt said...

i want in.

except replace all that skateboarding nonsense with painting nonsense and we're gold.