February 29, 2008


Ian and David

Chach snapped a photo of me...

then i got pissed and said if he ever did it again, i'd cut'em

That's Blue Dog, he'd try and hump Chach everynight when Chach tried to go to sleep. Holy shit it had me in tears because i was laughing so hard. I wish i had a photo or something of it. so i think that's what i'm doing in the background, crying

Ghetto ass sign

Then saw this randomly on someone's car

These guys are awesome!

Black Box

That's where the wildfires were

The titties from Naked Gun

Skate stoppers? It looks like my left hand is holding onto the tree

Eyeing it up

At this point i was so hungry, my stomach was eating itself and all i wanted to do was get some food

Circle of Death begins

These guys love their Coors Light

I partook

Somebody needs to make up a caption for this picture

Yeah Muggs

Da Beach

In-N-Out, that's a tasy burger!

Chach's camera died a bunch of times, so there was one whole day where we didn't get any pictures. Espcially when we went to Hollywood.

This is one of the only pictures from that night. I killed this thing, didn't get tossed off.

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sara said...

you should have put up the mama i'm commin home picture.