February 8, 2008

Hot Wax Road Trip Part 1

Drving to Florida and back during one hot ass summer

Kyle and Chach were asleep before we even hit DC

skated DC all day with Jimmy Mac, then hit up some burritos

here's Kyle and Justin trying to get some money back with the old "hat on the ground" trick. i don't think they got anything, except for the change i gave them

Then off to Richmond to meet up with some homies

this was Kyle's bed

me after my beauty sleep. i think it's working

we were so beat the night before, we didn't realize we parked right smack in the middle of a "No Parking" Zone. somehow didn't get a ticket or anything though

if was hot as shit at this spot, with no shade anywhere. i was about to crawl under a car

Chach, creeping at the top

kicked in VA for a bit, then hopped back in the car to try and make it to North Cakkalak before the day was over

Part 2 when i feel like posting more. i need to get out and skate right now.

1 comment:

duffer said...

holy cop cars batman, were you guys skating at the richmond PD?

and i don't think justin has ever looked more like ian in a photo than the one with hitler 'stache. creepy.